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With more than 20 years of education and training since earning his undergraduate degree from Columbia University, Dr. Greenwald is highly skilled in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Greenwald is associated with Cosmetic Surgery Associates of New York, a practice serving Westchester County, Putnam County and Manhattan for more than 30 years.

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Breast Reduction Surgeon


Dr. Joshua A. Greenwald

While most women seek to increase the size of their breasts, some women find that their natural breasts are too large, causing pain to their back and shoulders due to the extra weight and the pull on their bra. For these women, breast reduction performed by renowned breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Greenwald can relieve painful symptoms while restoring a youthful shape to the breasts and raising the nipples to a more natural position.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Dr. Greenwald performs breast reduction surgery at his Westchester County surgical facilities, where he also provides breast lift, breast reconstruction, and breast implant revisions. The breast reduction surgery is typically performed using general anesthesia and lasts several hours. Because breast reduction is often considered a medical rather than purely cosmetic procedure, it is often covered by medical insurance.

Depending on the size and shape of the breasts, Dr. Greenwald uses a variety of incisions and techniques in order to obtain the best optimum results for breast reduction patients. In most cases, he makes three incisions: one around the areolae, one vertically from the areolae to the inframammary folds (the creases at the bottom of the breasts), and one horizontally beneath the breasts. Next, he removes excess skin and tissue before suturing the incisions. For women who require a small reduction and have few stretch marks, various “short scar” techniques allow for the elimination of the incision underneath the breasts. In these cases, Dr. Greenwald may use liposuction to assist in the removal of tissue.


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In some instances, Dr. Greenwald may be able to perform lipo-breast reduction. In these cases, the breast reduction is performed using only liposuction through small incisions, resulting in virtually no scars. Women who qualify for lipo-breast reduction are those who have good skin quality and require only minimal elevation of the nipples.

Breast Reduction Outcome and Follow Up

Following surgery, breast reduction White Plains / Westchester patients have breasts that are lighter and higher on their chests. The back pain, neck pain and rashes caused by their heavy breasts are greatly reduced, if not entirely eliminated. These women not only feel less burdened and self-conscious but also more attractive and confident due to their new, more youthful and proportionate body contours.

Your breast size and shape can change following breast reduction surgery as a result of weight fluctuations. Therefore, it is important to maintain a stable weight and to have regular follow-up examinations with Dr. Greenwald. Dr. Greenwald can address any complications as they arise as well as assist you with the treatment of your incisions in order to minimize the resulting scars.

Breast Surgery with Dr. Greenwald

As a highly talented plastic surgery specialist, Dr. Greenwald performs a wide range of intricate surgical procedures to improve the look and shape of breasts. Over the course of his illustrious career, he has helped countless breast reduction, breast lift and breast augmentation patients achieve stunning results. As a result of their enhanced breasts, many patients report feeling more confidence in their appearance and an improve self-esteem. If you are considering a breast procedure. please contact the offices of Joshua Greenwald, MD, today to arrange a one-on-one consultation.